Pointer Ltd

June 28, 2018

Pointer Ltd

Pointer Ltd is a Glasgow based company that believes in training and developing its staff so that customers can receive the best possible service while the organisations itself works effectively and efficiently.

For a number of years Pointer looked for a supplier that could deliver effective training and coaching to its present and potential Managers. Leadership & Management provides the glue that sticks the company together for its customers and for its growth strategy and is therefore essential for any business to progress successfully.

Ian has since been retained by Pointer Ltd over a number of years and developed all levels of the business from Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Sales, Customer Service & Engineers.

Key to the success of this development has been the adherence to ILM standards and the effective targeting of Leadership & Management coaching.

The benefits to the business have been numerous including high levels of key staff retention, attracting new staff, and delivering a highly successful business strategy underpinned by strong leadership and management at all levels.