The Garraton Hoey Difference

August 23, 2019

Garraton Hoey are uniquely experienced through our significant business network in the UK, especially the Scottish market, we provide the best in class and the most cost effective solution every time. This is achieved by following a careful engagement session with your senior team to fully appreciate your business strategy, culture and expectations of new hires to deliver sustainable results.

Permanent Recruitment

We have a 7 step process in place to ensure your company’s successful recruitment outcome. The process includes designing and delivering the candidates who match your exact skills, behavioural and team needs of the vacancy. We only provide up to 3 candidates with a full behavioural profile, skill set and productivity potential report. We also continue working with the successful candidate to guarantee a smooth transition into your company’s culture. We are also able to provide cover for temporary roles that may come up with our connection to our sister company Proactive Recruitment. Specialising in warehouse/factory, production, forklift, drivers, admin and much more temporary roles.


We provide online training which is downloaded in high quality, it includes virtual learning and progress tracking allowing trainees and supervisors to track how they’re getting on and identify where they me need the most help. The online course is very user friendly and appealing with the latest online learning technology. Video e-learning also mimics the benefits of 1-2-1 learning with the power of face to face eye contact triggering emotion and communicating the essence of the learning content. We also offer training services in leadership in management through ourselves and Total Management Training. With an expert trainer we can guarantee to add value and knowledge to your team and company. Our training service has had major success in developing organisations, management and leadership results. With this service we also guarantee a substantial Return on Investment.

Interim Projects

With the uncertainty of Brexit and the fluidity of today’s markets, interim management and projects are becoming extremely relevant with the uncertainty of the economy. We provide clients with the tools to fill critical skills gaps during times of change, crisis and growth. Our clients therefore have problems to solve, new strategies to implement in an area of the business or improvement activity to undertake.

If you would like to action your free productivity improvement consultation or are interested in using any of our services get in touch now.