Behavioural Profiling & YOUR Business

October 17, 2019

Behavioural profiling is a very effective tool that not many companies or recruitment agencies utilise. The potential benefits from using this method of assessment are unparalleled. It can result in a lot of changes for the better in the work place, work ethic and performance. There are many benefits for using behavioural profiling for your company and within the recruitment process including drastically improving productivity and much more.

Behaviour Profiling

Behaviour Profiling Benefits:

  • Helps attain a greater knowledge of how individuals will ‘behave’ in certain roles
  • Helps to get the best possible productivity out of an employee if their profile matches their role at the company
  • Leads to improvements in employees work ethic, enthusiasm for their work and their overall performance
  • Helps to understand why some employees may struggle in certain situations but thrive in others
  • Using a behaviour profile on yourself can help to improve all these aspects of your working life
  • Any role can have a behavioural profile set up to match the right employee

It is essential to remember that behavioural profiling is not a ‘form’ of judgement, there are no bad or good behavioural profiles. Every individual has their own profile that may suit some roles but rule them out of others. This is why this assessment is used to see who would be most effective in which position.

Behavioural Profiling & Recruitment

Recruitment Benefits:

  • Can use an existing model of someone who is great at a role and base the profile on theirs
  • You can create a brand new profile for the vacant position which you think will perform the best in the role.
  • Allows to only present the best possible candidates for the vacant position.
  • Filters out ‘applicants’ and only produces solid candidates
  • Shortens the interview process and resources used due to the above benefit

In order to locate the best potential candidates for vacancies, it is essential during the recruitment process to use behavioural profiling to find who would behave in the desired way when carrying out the day top day tasks of the position. Here at Garraton Hoey we pride ourselves on providing not only a behavioural profile but a behavioural, productivity and skill report when recruiting candidates for our clients to ensure the best possible result for your company every time. If you have any questions about how behavioural profiling can improve your company contact our expert Ian at

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