5 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency For YOUR Business

November 29, 2019

The 5 Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

There are many reasons as to why any company can benefit from using an out of house recruitment agency to fulfil their hiring needs. These reasons can vary from productivity to resources, for example a big company may not have the time to take out of the day to contact, interview and negotiate with potential candidates. Where as a small company, may not have the resources themselves to hire for the role they are looking to fill. This article will detail the 5 benefits any company stands to gain from using a recruitment agency.

1. Identifying The Best Candidates

One of the main benefits of using a recruitment agency is that not only do they work for companies looking for candidates, they work with individual candidates who are also looking for work themselves. As a result, without much time passing or negotiating a recruitment agency may have a number of candidates at their disposal who suit the role a company is looking to fill. Recruitment agencies also know how to identify the correct candidate for a position and how to distinguish them from a bad candidate. Finding the best fitted candidate can be difficult for a company to do, agencies such as here at Garraton Hoey work closely with their candidates and understand their work ethic, capability and how suited they may be to potential roles. Aiming to place the perfect candidate to each role’s specific requirements and aims, every time.

2. Industry Expertise

The most effective recruitment agencies will be on top of their respective field they specialise in and will be able to provide any information you may be unsure about such as: the on-goings of that particular field, salary fluctuations, expectations of the role and much more. Whatever role your company may be looking to fill, a good agency will know what potential candidates may be available that could possibly fit the mould. Agencies have expertise and insight into the job market, which companies can use to their advantage in order to find the correct candidate. Agencies are in the perfect position with knowing the demands and needs of specific roles, help companies make the correct decision on candidates and ultimately have the correct impact on their business.

3. Time

Time is arguably the most valuable possession that any human being has. We all have 24 hours in the day and what we do within those 24 hours each day, defines who we are and who we will be. A working day averages between 8-12 hours of the all important 24. Within these hours, a company wants its existing employees to thrive in their environment and for their productivity to be on point. Recruiting in house, takes up a lot of time that companies may not be able to afford. The hiring process involves a lot of steps before the best candidate is chosen. The role must be advertised firstly, once enough applicants have applied for the role these same applicants must be evaluated to see if any may be potential candidates. The potential candidates then must go through the interview process which can take some time, once the right candidate is identified the role is finally fulfilled, with hope the ‘right’ candidate meets the expectations and aims of the position. If the candidate does not meet these targets the whole process may start again. Using an agency like Garraton Hoey all of these time consuming processes are carried out on your behalf with a guarantee that the ideal candidate will be found for you.

4. Candidates

When businesses are hiring a lot of effort is put into advertising the role and attracting as many applicants as possible. However, the ‘applicants’ may not be the best fit for the role as they are ‘applicants’ and not actual candidates. Advertising an attractive role can lead to a lot of people applying who will not actually fit the roles needs and be able to hold up the expectations. As a result, more time is spent looking through bad applicants to access the good candidates that may potentially fit the role. These are time and resources wasted that can be given to an agency to save these precious minutes. In additon, with an agency there is no ‘bad applicant’ experiences. Each candidate put forward will have been assessed on a number of skills related to the vacant position and will match what is necessary to fill the role.

5. Garraton Hoey Difference

Most recruitment agencies can help a company to save time and money when it comes to the hiring process. Just hiring on behalf of a business saves time and effort that the business can devote to other important ventures. However, at Garraton Hoey we offer much more than hiring on your behalf. Garraton Hoey delivers productivity for your business through training and interim projects in addition to taking over the hiring process. We guarantee to provide the best, cost effective solution every time whether it is in recruitment, training or interim projects. In the hiring process, the candidates attained by Garraton Hoey are put forward with a full behavioural profile, skill and productivity reports.