How To Progress Your Career or Business

January 17, 2020


Punctuality in the work place cannot be emphasised enough. Any individual who considers them-self as a professional is never late to work, meetings, events etc. Being on time is associated with good organisation skills and professionalism. Time management is of course essential with punctuality, keeping your schedule organised and making sure you have time beforehand to get ready for the day ahead. Arriving early is also an indicator of organisation and professionalism, doing so at events allows you to acquaint yourself early with others which is great for networking.

2. New/Useful Skills

Learning a new skill or mastering an old one is always a good resolution to follow for the new year. Tackling that skill that you have always put off is a good way to do so, such as mastering Microsoft Office or the dreaded spreadsheet! Learning a new skill that directly affects your job can have a great impact on your career development. There can be no disadvantage to learning a new skill, it also shows how motivated you are to better yourself and in turn may impress your boss/manager.

3. Update C.V

As you never know when an opportunity may present itself, even if you are not actively looking for another job it is always a good idea to update your C.V. Adding new skills and experiences you have gathered over the years is always beneficial. However, if you are actively looking for a new role it is a good idea to adapt your C.V to the role and company you are interesting in becoming a part of. In doing so this will make your application stand out more as it is not the same generic C.V.

4.Online Activity

Social media’s presence in the world today is massive, there are so many platforms to use and ways to advertise yourself. Platforms such as LinkedIn are a fantastic way to gain new customers, clients and even a new job. This is why it is imperative to stay active online and to make your presence aware. Engaging with connections and actively participating can be very beneficial for your brand awareness.

5. Networking

Although the world is becoming more and more digital, simple human interactions will always be a great way to build relationships and trust. There are many advantages to networking. Networking allows you to share and gain knowledge from other people in your industry. It can also result in opportunities for potential new customers and clients as well as vital contacts that you may use in the future. Networking also helps to build connections with other people’s networks too. It is a great way to raise your own brand’s awareness.