5 Steps to Productivity

January 24, 2020

Here are some helpful steps to make the most out of your day no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in. Carrying out your day in the correct way will leave you with a satisfied feeling at the end of the day, knowing you have done all you could to get the most out of it.

Wake Up Early

Make sure to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep. Do not use the snooze button if you think that you will, set your alarm for later and get up straight away. Waking up early allows for time to have a calm morning with a healthy breakfast and helps you to ease into the working day. If you wake up early enough you can do many things that you normally wouldn’t have time to e.g reading the paper, watch the t.v, stretch etc.

Eat Healthy

What we put into our bodies each day is the fuel we use to be able to perform the tasks we need to each day. As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’, if you eat three appropriately sized healthy meals a day and snack when necessary you will feel the benefits from the get go, you will be more focused and your mind will be much sharper.


People who exercise on a regular basis are reported to be calm, happy, focused and ready to take on anything the day ahead throws at them. Exercising does not mean you have to dedicate 2 hours of your day at the gym, a simple 20 min workout would suffice. The benefits from exercise for both mental and physical health will help you to make the most of your day.S

Rest/take a break

Rest is just as important as exercise, eating right and even breathing. Your body needs to be well rested in order to tackle whatever may happen during your day. Over-working can result in added stress both mentally and physically which in turn can have a lot of serious health consequences. Take rest when necessary to allow your mind and body to recuperate.

Be Present

Take all distractions away, make sure to be present in every moment. Have meaningful conversations and engage in them. Whatever work you carry out make sure to make it your soul focus and carry it out to the best of your ability. Be present in everything you do.