How to Approach a Job Search

February 21, 2020


Set Goals

Taking time to set goals fro your job search allows you to manage your time more effectively. Making the most of your time also allows you to invest the right amount of time in the right places. Goal setting and success go hand in hand, you cannot achieve any of your goals if you don’t set them and plan a way to achieve them.


To be a good candidate, you must be well prepared. Research the field you are going to work in. More importantly, research each role and company you apply to. This will allow you to fit your application to the role and also identify what aspects of yourself identify with that particular company’s culture.

Tailor Your Application

Tailoring each application to each role and company is essential when applying. If your application is set out to highlight your accomplishments and qualities that align with the role’s responsibilities. In tailoring your application to fit the role/company, you are more likely to be chosen when it comes to the decision of the process than those who have generic applications to fit a number of roles.


Expect a Quick Turn-around

Although in some cases the job search can be a quick turn-around, in most cases it is the complete opposite. The job search can be a long, drawn out process. If you go into your search/hunt with a quick turn-around in mind, you may quickly become disheartened with the process, especially with the inevitable rejection that comes with it. That is why it is important to set goals and plan to make the most of your ti,e.

Use One Method

There are many methods to find a job in this day and age, to limit your search to using just one of the plethora of methods would be waste. To make the most of your time on the job hunt, optimise every method available. These include networking, online networking, LinkedIn, Job forums etc.

Wait For Companies to get In-touch

You cannot wait for companies to get back to you. Persistence is key on the job hunt. Keeping in touch with company’s you have had interviews with or applied to online will keep you on their radar. There is a difference between keeping in touch and bombarding these companies with messages. If you keep the frequency of messages and phone calls at a moderate level this can have a benefit when it comes the decision process and may work out in your favour.