7 Step Process to Stay In a Motivated Mindset

February 28, 2020

At the best of times it is hard to stay motivated but especially now with Brexit looming closer and closer, the UK is in very uncertain times. No one knows for sure what impact Britain leaving the EU will have, or even if it will happen at all and we are only weeks away from the deadline. In this time of uncertainty you can be justified for lacking motivation and energy, here are some ways that you can change your attitude and stay positive.

1. Visualise

Visualising your goals/where you want to be/your future is a form of the law of attraction. To explain this theory simply, the law of attraction is visualising an end result whether it be positive or negative and by focusing on it, the positive or negative experience comes to fruition in your life. This is why it is best to visualise the end result of where you would like to be, before you set the goals towards it. “As you think, so shall you become.”

2. Big Picture

It is important to always keep the big picture in mind whenever a bump in the road may appear. When insignificant aspects of life (in the grand scheme of things) bring you down, remembering the big picture will put things back into perspective. In life there are things we have complete control over and others that we cannot change or influence. Take control over what you can in terms of your career and life and do your best to not worry over the aspects that you cannot (Brexit).

3. Goal Setting

Setting goals is a great way to stay focused and motivated as it gives you something to work on and work towards. Make sure no matter how big the goals may be, they are specific to YOU and no one else. A lot of people set goals that others have suggested or that they think they should set. In doing so, making themselves more unlikely to achieve them. The goals you set should be specific to your career and lifestyle. Most of all they should be attainable and something you actively want to achieve.

4. Micro-Manage Long-term Goals

Taking on a number of goals at one time can become overwhelming causing stress and leave you feeling like achieving them is impossible. Breaking goals up into smaller short-term achievable tasks and reward yourself each time you achieve one. This will motivate you to keep achieving. Doing this will help to focus and re-energise you to meet targets. If at the moment you are feeling overwhelmed with your goals, it may be a good idea to break them down and take them one step at a time.

5. Consistency 

In any aspect of life staying consistent is a good way to keep productivity levels up with motivation fading and coming as it always does. Being consistent with your work means that even on your bad days you are still able to complete the same amount of work you would do otherwise. Driving you closer to achieving your goals on your good days as much as your bad days. With most things in life consistency is key as they say ‘practice makes perfect’, everyone has to start somewhere.

6. Be Positive

As mentioned earlier, you are a product of your own thoughts. Therefore, you have to think positive to be positive which in turn helps you to stay/keep motivated in all aspects of life. Just as your own thoughts influence what you do, what you read and listen to influence how you think. Therefore to keep motivated you should start everyday by reading a chapter of a positive book or an article to start your day the correct way. Also if you are giving off a positive attitude it will attract positive people to you and may help to motivate your co-workers to do the same.

7. Celebrate Past Achievements

This is something that nowhere near enough people practice. Everyone finds it easy to celebrate a victory: finishing that project before the deadline or landing the client you have been chasing. However, once a victory has been won it is not long before it is forgotten. It is important especially in times of struggle and when negative feelings begin to manifest, that you remember the countless times you have felt the same way and got the job done. Remembering that wonderful feeling of pride will help to boost your mood and keep you motivated on your task/goal.

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