5 Tips for Great Leadership

March 11, 2020

In a management or team leader position, great leadership is not only necessary in getting the best out of your workforce, but could be the key to progressing your own career.

Listed below are some helpful advice on how to become a great leader.

1 – Lead by Example

Leaders lead. It really is as simple as that. Your team should see you and realise that you are putting in just as much as work as them, if not more. There is nothing more demotivating for a worker to look at superior that they believe isn’t pulling their weight.

Having a do as I say attitude is a sure fire way to lose the respect of your team. No team leader or manager should expect a level of work from their team that they themselves are not willing to match.

2 – Confidence is Key

It is the hardest thing to fake and the easiest thing for someone to spot when it’s not genuine. But a truly confident leader spreads confidence throughout their team.

It’s reassuring to a team to see their leader exuding confidence and trickles down. Belief that a project or a goal can be completed starts at the top.

3 – Communication, Communication, Communication!

A quiet leader is no leader at all! A confusing leader is no leader!

When in a position of leadership, being a good communicator is essential. It is possibly the most important quality that you need. You have to be able to communicate to your team in a manner that is motivating, straight forward and clear.

If you fail to communicate properly with your team then you will be left with staff who are demotivated and unclear what they are supposed to be working towards.

4 – Be Decisive and Take Responsibility

A good leader is able to make decisions effectively after assessing the situation and is confident to put a plan into action. It is also on the shoulders of a good leader to take responsibility for their decisions.

An indecisive leader is ineffective and their actions will ultimately have a negative effect on their workforce. Particularly when it comes to points of contention in work, if you are unable to come to a decision and let an issue rumble on you risk it becoming a bigger issue than it needed to be.

It’s not always easy to do, but stepping up and making a decision and standing by it is likely to deliver a better outcome.

5 – Always be Positive

If you are giving off the impression that what you working towards is not achievable then why should your team feel any different?

It is important that a leader manages to stay positive no matter what the outcome, positive or negative. Very few people go through life with a 100% record on anything. However, don’t look at setbacks as failures but learning opportunities.

We all get knocked down from time to time, but a good leader will be able to dust themselves off and figure out how to come out on top next time.