5 Tips for Graduates on the Job Hunt

March 17, 2020

It’s that time of year again, dissertations are getting handed in and four years of hard work are nearly over! Now the real work begins, putting that degree to good use and make a career out of it.

Job hunting can be stressful and full of setbacks. With so many graduates going for the same jobs, it’s important to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Here is some helpful advice to make sure you do just that.

Start Prepping Now!

You’ve probably got both eyes on finishing the last bit of that course work or studying for your final exams. However, you should also be sprucing up that CV and have an eye on the type of position you want to apply for.

Get everything in order, make sure you have your references verified and ensure that your CV and cover letter are up-to-date. Do your research into the companies you will be applying for.

Sell You Not Your Degree

Ensure you sell yourself, not your degree. Your degree may get you an interview, but it’s unlikely to land you a job. Only you can do that, so make sure you sell yourself to present the best you.

Between April and September every year, there are over 300,000 graduates applying for jobs, what is it about you that stands out and makes you different? You need to figure this out and ensure that is front and centre when presenting yourself to a company.

Look Beyond Your Degree

One mistake that graduates make is believing that their field of study limits them to the type of job that you can apply for. Many of the skills and experience you will pick up during your studies will crossover into other areas and industries.

Go into your job search with an open mind and you might be surprised what appeals to you.

Connections Are Key

You should have been making professional connections through your academic career and you should still be making them now.

Whatever industry you are looking to work in you should always be looking to expand your network. The more professional contacts that you amass the more opportunities that can open up for you. Also, the better connections you have, the more valuable you become to your company.

Stay Motivated

Setbacks happen and you will receive rejects on your pursuit of employment. But it is important to roll with the punches and pick yourself up when you get knocked down.

Your time will come and if you have everything on your end sorted, it will come sooner than you think.

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