Managerial Tips

February 7, 2020

Managing a team in any environment can become a daunting task when you are not able to attain the results necessary for your company. There are a number of ways a manager can get the best out of their staff and this article will provide 5 top tips to help motivate your team and get the best results possible.

1.Communication is Key

In any guide to the management of people, communication lies at the centre. No matter the work environment, communication among staff is extremely important to ensure the best results for the company. It is important to be a leader, ‘barking’ orders at staff may work in the short term but can result in an unmotivated work force. To maintain a happy and motivated team it is essential to give clear instructions and encourage communication both ways. Giving employees feedback and encouraging their own opinions helps to build a well oiled team, motivated and hungry to achieve the companies goals that have been set out for them.

2. Build Relationships/Get to Know Your Team

Although it is a general rule to keep your work life and personal life separated it is important to get to know your employees not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. Building this knowledge, will also build trust between you and employees which in turn will help the chemistry of the team. To get the best out of your team you have to understand their needs and how they work. The better you know your team the better productivity your team will have as you will be familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. The best managers know their employees extremely well and know how to get the best out of them and how to keep them motivated.

3. Set High but Realistic Goals

When it comes to both job objectives and day-to-day on-goings it is important to challenge your employees but only to a certain extent. Every goal must be attainable, setting your employees up for a fail is only going to lower morale. Also, letting your employees know you have high expectations of them will motivate them to achieve these goals knowing you have the confidence in them. Once employees have attained goals they may have not have thought before, they will be motivated to do it again.

4. Be the Example

Drawing back to being a ‘Leader’. It is imperative to be a leader to your employees/team. By practising what you preach showing work ethic and motivation will instil the same qualities in your team. This also means owning up to your own down falls when they happen and admitting to being wrong, which in turn builds trust within the team. Your employees will look up to you therefore you must emulate the qualities that you want them to have.

5. Conflict

Whenever conflict may arise in the workplace it is vital to handle it straight away. Ignoring such problems can lead to a hostile work environment, which no one wants to have to deal with every day. As a result, having these difficult conversations is important in order to resolve the conflict and maintain a positive work environment.  Encouraging an open door policy is a good way to stop conflicts before they even start. This policy allows for any of your employees to voice opinions they have on matters or disputes they may have with certain projects/goals.

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